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How will Cheque Imaging affect me?

Cheques you write

Since 30 October 2017 any cheques you have written which have been paid into a Bank using cheque imaging will debit your account after two Business Days instead of three.

You will need to ensure you have sufficient funds in your account by 2pm on the day the cheque is presented for this to be paid.
If you wish to cancel a cheque, you will need tell us the day before the cheque is presented for payment. You'll need to quote the amount and serial number of the cheque.

Cheques paid in to smile:

From August 2018, we will start to roll out the second phase, meaning any cheques you deposit with us will be processed using cheque imaging.

Find out more about cheque imaging.

Cheques paid in at other Banks:

If you pay in a cheque through another Bank that is using cheque imaging, your balance will only update once we know the cheque has cleared and is available to use. If a cheque you deposit isn’t paid, then a credit won’t appear on your account and a letter will be sent to notify you of this. 

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