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Your words in action

New features added to your mobile banking app

View and delete payees

Earlier this year, we added a new feature to our mobile app, making it easier for you to pay someone new. We know you’ve been asking for help when it comes to managing your payee list. We’ve been listening, and to prove it, you can now view and delete your payees to keep everything in order in the mobile app.

You can now manage your saved payees by selecting ‘View and delete payees’. You can then either view your saved payees or delete a payee if you no longer need them.

When you have deleted a saved payee in the mobile app, this will also remove them from ‘Your recipients’ in online banking.

Protect your money

Protecting you from fraud is our top priority. When paying someone new we will check that you’re confident about who you are paying. We’ll do this by guiding you through tailored information about the type of payment you’re making. This is so we can help find out if you could be a potential victim of fraud. It also gives you a chance to stop making the payment and speak to us if you are concerned. You’ll also see this feature in online banking.

Find out more about security and fraud

What’s new?

We love feedback

Customers told us about what mobile app improvements they would like and we have delivered a number of fixes and improvement alongside our new features based on what customers have told us:

  • We have fixed the issue that some customers experienced where they have had to re-register for the mobile app to log in
  • Android app users can now close the app using the back button
  • Improved transaction scroll in the mobile app, when viewing your transactions we’ve made it quicker to load and view transactions
  • We have introduced a feedback survey in the mobile app to make it even easier to give us feedback

So long, card readers!

We’ve listened to our customers and removed the card reader, instead we’ll send a verification code via text message or email. We’ll ask you to enter your verification code along with your online banking password and 6-digit security code to confirm it’s you. We have done this to protect you against fraud and make banking safer. Find out more info on how to recycle your card reader or how we have changed the way you verify yourself in online banking.

Our commitment to you

We'll be sharing regular updates with you to let you know what’s coming next, so you are always kept in the loop.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please keep it coming. What you say helps to shape our products and services to build a better banking experience that you are proud to be a part of.

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