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How do I set up text alerts in my mobile app?

You can set up balance text alerts via our mobile app under "Alerts".

There are 3 types of alerts available to you:

Weekly balances

You can set up balance alerts to be received Monday to Friday, either morning (after 9am) or afternoon (after 1pm).

Once you've registered, you can receive an instant text message displaying your balance, at any time of the day, on demand. Just text BAL followed by the last four digits of your account number to 87212. For example, BAL 1234.

Lower limit balances

If you're worried about going overdrawn, we'll send you a message when your balance goes below a level that you set. If you have a formal overdraft in place, you can set up the alert limit as an overdrawn amount.

Upper limit balances

You can also set up an alert for when your balance goes over a certain amount - really useful to confirm that you have been paid or if you're expecting a credit to your account.

On all text messages we send you, we'll tell you the date and time we checked your balance.

If you'd like to cancel your text alerts, text STOP to 87212.

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