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What is Cheque Imaging?

Cheque imaging is the process that enables digital images of cheques to be exchanged between banks and building societies within the UK for clearing and payment. Cheque imaging will significantly speed up the clearing process of cheques, postal orders, travellers cheques, bankers drafts and dividend cheques which are drawn on UK banks and paid into a UK bank account. There will be no changes to how foreign currency cheques are processed.

On 30th October 2017 we launch the first phase of our new digital Cheque Imaging service. This will allow us to process any cheques you write via the new digital clearing cycle where the recipient deposits this with a Bank that has this digital capability. In 2018 we will launch the second phase of our service which will allow you to deposit any cheques you receive digitally with us. We will notify you closer to the time where this impacts your terms and conditions.

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