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What is Cheque Imaging?

Cheque imaging is set to change the way that cheques are processed, meaning digital images of cheques can be exchanged between banks and building societies within the UK for clearing and payment.

Cheque imaging will significantly speed up the clearing process of cheques, postal orders, sterling traveller’s cheques, banker’s drafts and dividend cheques. This only applies to cheques which are drawn on UK banks and paid into a UK bank account. Cheque imaging will reduce the process from six Business Days, to two Business Days.

Note: We no longer accept foreign currency cheques to be paid into accounts..

On 30 October 2017, the first phase was launched. This means that any cheques you’ve written, which have been paid into a bank using cheque imaging, will now debit your account after two Business Days, instead of three.

From September 2018, we will start to roll out the second phase, meaning any cheques you deposit with us will be processed using cheque imaging.

Find out more about cheque imaging.

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