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How do I make sure I’m protected?

Be alert

  • You should be vigilant to fraud when using online Account Information Services (AIS) or Payment Initiation Services (PIS). If you have any doubts about whether a company is legitimate, you should ask them for more information, for example, who they are regulated by. If you don’t know who you are talking to, or there is reason to suspect that the provider is not who they claim to be, don’t disclose your banking security credentials, or other personal or financial information.

Read the details

  • Always read the terms and conditions of a provider of financial services carefully before signing up, this includes the terms and conditions of AIS and PIS providers.

Be data savvy

  • Make sure you understand and agree what access you are granting to your account, how the account information will be used and who it may be passed to.

Check your statements

  • Keep an eye on your bank statements and get in touch with your bank if you don’t recognise a payment.

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