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How do I report a scam email?

If you’ve been subject to a scam, the numbers to call are:

03457 212 212 (Call Charges) for current account customers

0345 600 6000 (Call Charges) for credit card customers

Or forward it to ihaveseenascam@co-operativebank.co.uk.

When banking, remember - the bank, police or other trusted organisations will never;

  • Ask you for your telephone/online banking log in security details or secure personal information in full.
  • Ask you for your PIN code or verification codes.
  • Ask you to move money to a new or 'safe' account.
  • Send you an email, text or social media message containing a link to a login page. 

If you are in any doubt - stop and do not respond.

We strongly recommend that you download Trusteer Rapport security software. One of the features of this software is to alert you if you try to log into online banking on an unknown website. This essential security software is free and is easy to download from our website.

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