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Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

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Get all the information you need about PPI here. PPI isn’t available to new customers, but if you feel that you’ve been mis-sold PPI, here’s how you make a complaint.

  • We currently do not have a Payment Protection Insurance product to offer alongside new products.

What is PPI?

PPI was originally designed to help people in difficult financial circumstances make repayments on their credit agreements. If the person died, had an accident, or was unable to make repayments for whatever reason, PPI would typically cover a percentage of the costs for a set amount of time.

Do you already have PPI?

If you have a smile product with PPI, like a credit card, then you can learn more by reading our terms and conditions.

View our terms and conditions

Are you thinking of making a complaint?

If you’re a smile customer and you think you were mis-sold PPI, then you can make a complaint by:

  • Writing to us
  • Calling our support team
  • Visiting us in branch

We’d recommend you gather the following information to help strengthen your case:

  • The policy details
  • How you believe you were mis-sold
  • Any further information / documentation that you feel is useful

The Financial Ombudsman Service also has a questionnaire that can be used to make a PPI complaint.

Download the FOS consumer questionnaire

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you can send it directly to us at:


PPI Operations

5th Floor

1 Balloon Street


M60 4EP

Important documents


Credit Card Payment Protection Insurance Policy Summary

Download PDF (201KB)

How we use your personal information

Download PDF (242KB)