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Hello. We're smile.

We’re a digital-only bank. No queues, no hassle, no jargon, no nonsense. We were invented by The Co‑operative Bank in 1999 and we’ve been smiling ever since.

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Do you have a moment to protect your money?

A request for personal information could put your money at risk. Take five to think and protect yourself against fraud.

Switching accounts. It's going to be okay.

Yes, switching your current account can be a bit worrying. But listen, we'll transfer all of your Direct Debits across and even redirect payments into and out of your old account.

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Our history

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We won YourMoney’s Best ISA provider and Banking provider.

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Our team launched smile Sharedealing.

A brief history of smile

Read more about how we were the first UK internet bank. There's also stuff here about knitting jumpers for fairy sheep. Hmmm.

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We sponsored the Cape 2 Cape challenge, flying from Canada to Chile in a single-engine plane.

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We also sponsored the North West Comedy Awards.

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We launched a brand new website.

Help for existing customers

Helpful info about current accounts, credit cards and all things smile related.

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