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Our Contactless cards

Card with contactless logoContactless is a quick-and-easy payment option that saves you time at the till. All it involves is holding your card up to a reader for a couple of seconds while your payment goes through. You don't even have to put in your PIN.

You can take advantage of this option at participating retailers, on any transaction under £30 – whether you're buying food or clothes.

You may already have a credit card that enables Contactless payment – they have a wave logo (as on the card pictured above). There's no complicated activation process either; you just need to have used it at a cash machine or during a Chip & PIN transaction.

How to use a smile Contactless payment card

Contactless image

You have the option of paying with your smile Contactless card wherever you see this wave symbol – in the UK and anywhere else in the world. The number of retailers offering Contactless payment is constantly growing.

Contactless image

If the total of the transaction comes to £30 or under, you will be given the option of paying via Contactless.

contactless card machine

You then simply hold your card against the reader for a moment, at a distance of 5cm or less, and the payment is automatically made. Usually it takes less than a second for the payment to go through.

Contactless image

The reader then gives you a confirmation message upon the transaction's completion – much like when you pay via Chip & PIN.



Is Contactless compulsory?

Not exactly. We are looking to introduce Contactless to the majority of smile credit and debit cards in the near future, but you don't have to use it. You can continue to pay solely via Chip & PIN if you wish.

I like the idea of Contactless, but do I have to wait until my existing card expires?

If you'd like a Contactless card sooner rather than later, give us a call and we can arrange it for you. Otherwise, you'll be sent one once your existing credit card expires.

Would Contactless replace my Chip & PIN option?

No. As Contactless is only available for transactions under £30, you'll need to pay via Chip & PIN for any total above that.

Are there any charges involved?

None – There are no charges for using contactless, it is a fee-free payment option for all customers.

What if my card is stolen and used repeatedly?

We've made sure that every so often you'll be asked to put in your PIN. This way we'll know it's still you.

You should report a Contactless card as stolen as soon as you realise – just as you would with any other credit or debit card. Similarly, if you see a transaction on your statement that doesn't look familiar, you should let us know straight away.

How long does it take for Contactless transactions to appear on my account?

As with other types of credit and debit cards, transactions are usually processed within two or three working days.

Could I ever be charged twice by accident?

Contactless payment readers are all programmed to take only one payment for a single transaction, so it's very unlikely that you'd ever be charged twice.

Can I pay via Contactless overseas?

Yes, but it will depend on the individual retailer. Again, if you see the wave symbol, that means the retailer takes Contactless. If they don't, you'll still be able to pay via Chip & PIN wherever you see the VISA logo.

Can I use my card to get cashback?

At the moment, you can't use your Contactless card to receive cashback.

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