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Joint Accounts Explained

A joint account can be very useful if you're two people looking to consolidate your finances. You are both entitled to see transactions on the account and each person named on the account 'owns' all the money held within it. That means that each person can take or spend everything in the account and each one is separately responsible for all the debts on it. That's the same if only one person puts money into the account.

The current account application form provides you with the option to apply for the product as a sole account or a joint account. If you are an existing smile customer looking to transfer your account to joint names (not available for smilemore account), download our joint account application form, complete it together and send it back to us.

If your circumstances change and you need to close down the account, you should let us know straight away. You can also transfer the account from a joint account to a sole account by filling out this form and sending it to:

Freepost NWW2330A,
PO Box 600,
Delf House,

Please note, both parties on the joint account will need to sign the form.



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