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What’s the difference between my available and current balance?

Current balance
This is the amount of money that you’ve cleared in your account – not including overdraft limits, or payments that haven’t yet been debited.

Available balance
Available balance is the amount of money in your account available to you right now. It’s made up of:
• Current balance (not including any uncleared items like cheque deposits)
• Overdraft limit (if you’ve agreed one)
• Debit card transactions that have been authorised, but haven’t yet left your account.

Depending on the type of funds you've paid into your account, it can take more time for it to appear on your account. Cheques can take up to five working days to clear from the bank, and six working days if paid into a Post Office. Standing orders and direct debits can take up to one working day to clear if requested on a non-working day (such as weekends, bank holidays).

A minus (-) sign next to your available balance means you're over, or about to go over, your agreed overdraft limit. You need to make a payment in to your account as soon as possible to avoid incurring charges.

If you’re currently overdrawn and wish to discuss payment options, please send us a secure message.

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