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How can I deposit cash or cheques?

You can pay cash or cheques into your account:

  • at a Co-operative Bank branch
  • at your local Post Office - for cash deposits simply hand over your cash/debit card to a member of staff. For cheques you'll need a paying in slip, Post Office envelope and the cheque you would like to deposit
  • by sending a cheque via the post to the following address:

Co-operative Bank p.l.c
PO Box 12672
Sandringham House
Sandringham Avenue
CM20 9QR

To request any stationery for your account, including paying in slips and Post Office envelopes, just log in to online banking and send us a secure message with your request. To do this, select 'Messages' from the top right of the page when logged in then click 'Send us a secure message''. Choose the account you are making the request for and from the category dropdown select 'Bank cheque request'. Once you have completed your message, select send. Alternatively you can contact us.

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