How do I report a scam or potential scam?

Call 159: a new number for reporting scams

Quickly redirecting you to your bank, so you can report scams and suspected fraudulent activity.

In an initiative to support people who have fallen victim to a scam, or have been approached by fraudsters with potential scams, we’re supporting the launch of the new phone number, 159.

Now, when you call the number 159 you’ll be connected to a system which will redirect you to your bank. Because the sooner you report fraud, the sooner your bank can take the right action for you.

This line is not for general banking enquiries. Fraud is an extremely serious issue and this line is a service offered to help those affected or who are at risk.

If you are asked to move your money away from your account or feel pressurised into making a payment, STOP! And call 159.

159 is a vital tool to help prevent and combat the damage being caused by fraudsters, as well as protect and support the public. Calling 159 allows you to get in contact with your bank if you’re worried about:

  • That you’ve fallen victim to a scam
  • That you’ve been contacted by a fraudster, or approached with a scam.

To stop fraudsters monitoring your call history, try and call 159 from a different device you may have communicated on with them.

Important: remember, 159 will never call you. If you receive a call from 159, or someone posing as a representative from this service — this is a scam.

Stop. Think, ‘fraud?’ Call 159.