Supporting the needs of all our customers

How we can help you if you are experiencing money worries

Dealing with the unexpected

  • Our Financial Support team can help and support you with any money worries
  • We'll work with you to assess your financial situation and where needed, look at suitable repayment options for you.

More information on how to get financial support

Additional help and support

  • If you need additional help and support, we can provide details of where you can obtain free impartial debt advice
  • We can arrange for Citizens Advice to contact you at a time that is convenient and offer support on a range of issues.

Help from Citizens Advice

How we can help you deal with a major life event

Contacting us

  • Call us or visit us in branch
  • Send us a secure message.

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Specialist support

  • If you've been a victim of fraud or want more information on how to protect yourself against fraud, we have help on our website as well as a specialist team you can contact
  • Our Financial Support team are here to help and support you if you are dealing with money issues.

Information about security and fraud

More information on how to get financial support


  • Key information on what to do when someone passes away and an interactive guide to tell you how and what you'll need to do and provide to us is available on The Co-operative Bank's website.

What to do when somebody passes away

Other life events

  • If you or anyone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, we have a financial guide produced in partnership with Refuge
  • If you need someone to help manage your account, there are options available dependent on your situation, including Power of Attorney. You can also authorise someone to help you manage your account(s) with a third party mandate
  • If events in your life are causing money worries, such as a bereavement, divorce or illness contact us and we can offer support from our specialist team.

Help and support for someone experiencing economic abuse

More information about Power of Attorney

More information on how to get financial support

More information about how we can support major life events

How we can help you manage your day-to-day money better

Helping you understand your money

  • You can use our online budget planner to help you work out how much you spend each month
  • Online and mobile banking can help you keep up to date with your account so you can understand what's going in and out
  • Our FAQs contain answers to common queries you may have.

View our FAQs

You can also find other ways to bank with us

Helping you develop your financial skills

  • Book an appointment at a Co-operative Bank branch to discuss your overall financial needs and how we can help you keep on top of your day-to-day banking.

Find a Co-operative Bank branch

Help managing your money

How to budget effectively

Support you may find useful if you have a disability or a physical or mental health condition

Accessing cash

  • You can withdraw money at one of our branches
  • You can use any LINK ATM cash machine to withdraw money from your account by using your debit card. You can contact us if you would like to increase your daily withdrawal limit
  • You can withdraw at your local Post Office®.

Using your account

  • We provide templates to help complete cheques and signature stamps for consistent signatures
  • We can provide Chip and Signature cards to help if you have difficulties entering or remembering numbers.

How smile is accessible

Accessing information

  • We promote equal access to smile's website for all users and potential users
  • We can send your correspondence in different formats, e.g. large print or braille.

How smile is accessible

Allowing someone else to help you use your account

  • You can authorise someone to help you manage your account(s) with a third party mandate
  • We have an interactive guide on the Co-operative Bank's website regarding other types of third party authorisation, e.g. Power of Attorney/Court of Protection
  • You can ask a trusted friend or relative to accompany you if you need help when attending a branch appointment.

More information about Power of Attorney

Ways to interact with us

  • There are a number of ways to contact us, including, sending a secure message, calling our UK-based call centres, or by visiting one of our Co-operative Bank branches
  • We have installed hearing induction loops in our branches to assist the hearing impaired
  • We can receive and make calls via Text Relay or the Next Generation Text service.

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    The requirement to publish the Financial Conduct Authority service quality information for personal current accounts can be found on our personal current account service quality information page.