Overdraft Alerts Service

To help you manage your money and avoid/reduce any debit interest you may incur, we send you overdraft text alerts.

We will notify you either before you go into or when you have entered into an arranged or unarranged overdraft. We will also notify you when you don’t have enough funds in your account to make all of your scheduled payments that working day. Entering into an arranged and/or unarranged overdraft will result in debit interest being charged. Going into an unarranged overdraft can have a negative effect on your credit file.

What are overdraft alerts?

An overdraft alert is a text message we send to all personal current account customers who have registered their mobile phone number with us. We will send you a text message when:

You have scheduled payments that could not be paid

This means you don’t have enough funds in your account to pay all your scheduled payments due out that working day. You will have until 2pm on the day your scheduled payments are due out to transfer sufficient funds in to avoid them not being paid.

You may enter into an arranged/unarranged overdraft

This means you have payments that have left your account that day which has taken you into an arranged/unarranged overdraft. You will have until 9pm on the day your scheduled payments leave your account to transfer sufficient funds in to avoid or reduce paying debit interest.

You have entered into an arranged/unarranged overdraft

Unarranged overdraft

This means your balance has gone below zero (if you don’t have an arranged overdraft) or you have exceeded your arranged overdraft limit. You will have until 9pm on the day you have entered into an arranged/unarranged overdraft to transfer sufficient funds to avoid paying debit interest.

Arranged overdraft

This means your balance has gone below zero but you have an arranged overdraft. An arranged overdraft is a set amount you have agreed with us in advance. You will be charged debit interest for entering into an arranged overdraft. If you have a Smilemore account and your overdrawn balance is within the interest free overdraft limit, there will be no debit interest charges.

What do I do next?

If there are instructions on the text alert to credit the account by the time specified, once you have done this, you don’t need to do anything else. There is no need to contact us. Please note that any subsequent transactions will need sufficient funds to be available or you may enter into your overdraft again.

Will I be charged for a text alert?

We will not charge you for receiving these text messages, however you may want to check with your network provider as they may charge you in certain circumstances, for example if you are abroad.

How can you opt in or opt out?

You have been automatically opted in to the Overdraft Alerts Service providing we have a mobile phone number registered for you. If you have a joint account, both account holders will be automatically opted in providing you have both registered individual mobile phone numbers.

You may choose to opt out of or opt back into receiving the alerts at any time. To do this, you’ll need to contact us.

Are overdraft text alerts secure?

Yes, they are secure. The text message will come through with the name ‘smile’ as the sender. We will only include the last four digits of your account number and we won’t include your name, your account balance, any embedded links or phone numbers within the message.

Useful links

Update or register your mobile phone number with us

To make sure you're automatically opted in to overdraft text alerts, you can update or register your mobile phone number using our mobile app or through online banking.

Update or register your number using the mobile app

Log in to the app, and:

  1. Tap 'More' in the bottom right corner while you're on the main accounts screen
  2. Tap 'My settings and details'
  3. Tap 'Personal details'
  4. Tap 'Edit' on the phone number field
  5. Once updated, tap 'Save'.

We'll ask you to verify the change by using your fingerprint, passnumber, or facial recognition.

Update or register your number in online banking

Log in to online banking, and:

  1. Click 'My details' from the main menu
  2. Click 'Phone numbers' and follow the on-screen instructions
  3. Enter your password and we will send you a verification code via text message or email – if you select the text message option, we'll send the code to the existing number we have, not your new number.

Alternatively, you can contact us to update or register your mobile number.

How to regularly manage your account:

It’s important that you can access your money, wherever you are. Take a look at the many ways you can bank with us.

Financial support:

We’re always happy to provide support for customers who need it. If you are experiencing financial difficulties please call us on 0344 844 8899. Lines are open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Saturday (call charges).