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Setting up smile mobile banking

To get started, you'll need to be registered for online banking and know your login details.

What you'll need:

  • Username
  • Password
  • 6-digit online banking security code

Not registered for online banking? You can register once you've downloaded the app.

A new app, a new reason to smile...

Manage your money easier. Check your balance. Make payments and view transactions. Wherever you are, whenever you want. The new app lets us make updates and improvements to the app more often, so that you can bank happy.

  • Log in securely with your fingerprint, Face ID (only available on iOS devices) or a passnumber

  • Browse over a year's worth of transactions on your current, savings and loan accounts

  • Make one-off payments up to a value of £250 in a 24 hour period. You can also pay people and companies you've paid before

  • Quickly transfer money between your smile accounts and make payments to your smile credit card without the need to set up a new payee

  • Easily change your marketing preferences and let us know how you want to be contacted – via post, email, phone or SMS

Download our mobile banking app

Take control of your finances on the go

Need a hand setting up your app?

Online banking details slipped your mind? Here's how to reset them.

Reset your security details

Not registered?

No worries. Find out how to register.

Help using the app

Making a one-off-payment

You can make a one-off payment (up to the value of £250 in a 24 hour period) to somebody new without needing to use your card reader.

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Is my device compatible with the mobile app?
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I've forgotten / need to change my mobile banking passcode?
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Can I download the smile app on my iPad?
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What should I do if I have lost or changed my phone?

We want to keep improving

We now have a mobile app that we can kit out with fancy new features and functionality, so it’s really important that we hear exactly what you want from your app.

In fact, we’re already getting started with adding a ‘save a new payee’ function which you’ll be able to set up using your fingerprint, passcode or Face ID and we’ll be bringing you this functionality very soon.

What you need to know if you have previously set up balance and limit text alerts

Balance and limit text alerts are not available to set up in our new app. You will also no longer receive alerts that you set up in a previous version of our app. Overdraft alerts will be unaffected; we will continue to send you a text to notify you either before you go into or when you have entered into an unarranged overdraft.

How we keep mobile banking secure

We're committed to making your mobile banking experience as safe and secure as possible.

  • We use advanced encryption technology to stop unauthorised users from reading secure information.
  • We have a range of fraud detection systems and regularly monitor your accounts for suspicious activity.
  • Your card reader provides you with an additional layer of protection when you bank online that helps us to protect your accounts.
  • Our fraud guarantee helps you recover money taken in fraudulent activity in the unlikely event you fall victim of fraud.
More about how we protect you

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