Online banking FAQs to help you manage your account


What is a verification code?

Do I need to update my browser to access online banking?

Can I still use online banking if I don't have a mobile phone number or email address?

What is a CHAPs transfer and how do I request one?

What is a regular payment standing order reference and why do I need it?

What makes up my available balance?

What makes up our credit card available balance?

What you need to know about direct debits

What you need to know about sending money outside the UK

Who can I pay by standing order?

To use online banking can I receive my verification code to a non UK mobile number?

When will I need to be sent a verification code in online banking?

I have locked myself out of online banking

Can I cancel an existing standing order or regular payment?

Can I change a bill payment amount?

Can I change the details of my regular payment standing order?

Can I set up regular bill payments?

How do I change my contact details and login information?

How do I change my security code?

How do I create a money transfer?

How do I create a standing order?

How do i log in to my fidelity account through smile?

How do I make a payment?

How do I register for online banking?

How do I remove a recipient from my payee list?

How do I reset my online banking password or security code?

How do I update my address online?

How do i use secure messages?

How long does each standing order payment take to reach the recipient?

How many standing orders can I make?

How regular can I make my standing order payments?

I'm getting a problem has a occurred with your connection to online banking message

I have a few direct debits with the same company. How do I make sure I'm cancelling the right one?

I've forgotten my username to access online banking?

I've recently paid funds into my account - why isn't it showing on my balance?

My money transfer/bill payment has not been made - what should I do?

My new address hasn't been permitted - what should I do now?

My new email address isn't being accepted - what should I do now?

The person or company I want to pay isn't listed for my standing order 

What is a bill payment?

How do I change my login details for online banking

Will changing my address online affect my telephone or in branch banking? How long will this process take?

What's the difference between my available and current balance