Security and Fraud FAQs

How do I register for Visa Secure so I can make payments or shop online?

How long will it take for contactless payments to appear on my account?

What is contactless?

Can I use contactless to get cash out at an ATM?

I tried to use contactless but my payment was declined. Why?

Where can contactless payment cards be used for travel?

Will I be charged for paying with contactless?

My contactless card has been stolen could it be used repeatedly to pay for items?

Does it cost anymore for using contactless on oyster cards?

Will using a contactless payment card be the same as using pay as you go on oyster?

Is a receipt produced for a contactless transaction?

Is there a limit on the value of goods I can purchase with my contactless card?

Can I make a contactless transaction overseas?

Do I have to use contactless instead of using chip and pin or cash?

Can I continue to use swipe and sign when making purchases outside of the EU?

What are the benefits of using contactless payment cards for travel on TFL services?

Will I be able to use my contactless payment card on TFL services as soon as it arrives?

Is contactless technology secure?

Do I have to remove my contactless payment card from my wallet to touch in?

Could I unknowingly make a purchase as I walk past a reader?

How do I report a scam or potential scam?

Do both joint account holders receive a contactless card?

Can I opt out of having contactless?

Do I need to hand over my contactless payment card to a member of TFL staff to resolve an issue?

What happens if I touch in with one card and touch out with another on the same TFL journey?

What happens if a reader recognises more than one contactless card when I touch the card reader?

Could I be charged twice for one transaction?