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Two-Factor Authentication

Your contact details need to be up to date

We use two-factor authentication to verify it's you when you use online banking (making a payment to someone new for example) or make purchases with your card online. It's the banking industry's way of double-checking it's really you.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) has been introduced to help protect you against fraud and make banking safer. We have changed how you verify yourself in online banking to meet this regulatory requirement. We are also making changes to how you make card purchases online but these will come a little later.

So you can use online banking and make purchases with your card online in the future, your contact details need to be up to date.

How it affects you

When you use online banking

We have replaced card readers with a different way to verify yourself. We've also increased security when you view statements, transactions, scheduled payments and sometimes when you log in.

Don't worry though, your existing login details haven’t changed.

When you use your card online

To complete your purchase, you'll verify yourself in a different way and probably more often.

This is so we know it's really you making the payment.

How you can verify it's you

Online Banking

When using online banking, you’ll verify yourself with a verification code we’ll send to you by text message or email.

We'll send a verification code to the UK mobile number or email address you have registered with us when you:

  • Make new payments
  • Make international payments
  • Create and manage standing orders
  • Update your contact details
  • Re-set your online banking password and/or 6-digit security code

And, to help further protect you from fraud, we’ll also occasionally send you a verification code when you:

  • Log in to online banking
  • View statements and transactions
  • View or cancel Direct Debits

You'll need to enter your verification code along with your password and 6-digit security code to confirm it's you. It's important that you never tell anyone your verification code.

Shopping online

When shopping with your card online you will receive a verification code by text message and be asked for your memorable name, which you currently use today when making online card purchases.

We will send a verification code to the UK mobile number you have registered with us. You’ll use your code and your memorable name when shopping online to confirm it’s you.

The changes won’t be happening just yet. We will let you know nearer the time how this will impact you if you don't have a mobile phone. Until we notify you, you can use your card to make purchases online as you do today.

How you can check/update your details

Are you updating your mobile number?

If you are using our mobile app or online banking to update your mobile phone number, please allow one Business Day for your number to be updated. We will send you an email to confirm once the changes have been made.

Using our mobile app

Download our mobile app and select "My settings and details".

Use your fingerprint, Face ID or a passnumber to update your contact details.

In online banking

Visit 'Profile'. You’ll need to enter your password, 6-digit security code and a verification code we will send to you by text message or email to confirm the change.It's important that you never tell anyone your verification code.

Please note: When changing your contact details, we will send a verification code to the contact details we currently have for you, not your updated details.

If you're not registered for online banking register here.

Call us on +44(0)3457 212 212

You'll be asked to confirm the security details you have registered with us. Lines are open 8am to 8pm, 7 day a week. Call charges

Do you have a joint account?

If you have a joint account, you will both need to check and update your personal contact details.

Do you have an additional credit card holder?

An additional credit card holder will need to verify themselves by text message when making online card purchases. With their permission, we need you to provide their UK mobile phone number.

As the main card holder, you can:

Call us on 0345 600 6000. Lines are open 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week. Call charges apply.

Do you have a question?

How we keep your banking secure

We're committed to making your banking experience as safe and secure as possible.

  • We use advanced encryption technology to stop unauthorised users from reading secure information
  • We have a range of fraud detection systems and regularly monitor your accounts for suspicious activity
  • Verification codes provide you with an additional layer of protection when you bank online that helps us to protect your accounts
  • We will never call you out of the blue and ask you for your security information to assist you with registration for Online or Mobile banking
  • Never share your PIN or verification codes with anyone. We will never contact you and ask you for these
  • Never allow anyone to access your device remotely
  • Our fraud guarantee helps you recover money taken in fraudulent activity in the unlikely event you fall victim to fraud

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