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  • Set up and send money to new and existing friends
  • Check on your Direct Debits and set up standing orders
  • Keep track of spending habits by searching through 13 months’ worth of transactions
  • Apply for any other smile products you fancy

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Open banking

Open banking allows you to easily and securely share your financial data, including your transaction history and spending behaviour with regulated third-party providers. It also allows you to give permission to a regulated third-party provider to initiate payments from your account on your behalf.

Third-party providers cannot, under any circumstances, gain access to your account unless you have given them explicit consent to do so.

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Keeping online banking secure

We work to keep your online banking experience as safe and secure as possible by:

  • Using advanced encryption to stop unauthorised users reading secure information
  • Having a range of fraud detection systems and regular monitoring for suspicious activity
  • When paying someone new we will check that you’re confident about who you are paying. We’ll do this by guiding you through tailored information and providing the option to cancel it and discuss your concerns
  • Providing additional protection when you bank online with the use of verification codes
  • Our no risk policy helping you recover money in the unlikely event you fall victim to fraud.

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